Database Security

Today, meeting audit requirements and reducing risk means being able to protect against not only traditional external threats but also the under estimated internal threats as well. Traditional security products, centering on access control, encryption, or authorization schemes, have predominately handled data protection and privacy. Risks associated with compromised data can be very serious and very public. Yet, these products provide no meaningful protection against the leading cause of data theft: insider theft. During the last decade, insider theft has accounted for an average of 78% of all information theft.

Systems, data and infrastructure are critical to an organization and IT systems drive the financial reporting process. Individuals supporting database security can still affect internal controls, no matter now well designed. Human error such as a simple mistake, or poor decision-making creates breakdowns in internal controls. In addition, either an individual can circumvent manual or automated controls or inappropriate management can override internal controls put in place.

Strong internal controls over financial reporting are only a starting point. IPLocks helps companies protect their sensitive information by:

  • Monitoring - examine and alert on changes in user behavior, permissions, content, and metadata
  • Auditing - forensic analysis provides a transactional view of changes aiding in regulatory compliance

IPLocks forensic auditing capabilities provide a transactional analysis of events by sessions, users privileges, or objects critical in investigating negligent, suspicious, or malicious activity. Audit trails and audit logs ensures data integrity, and provides the necessary transactional history needed to validate all database changes.

  • Improve Implementation and Verification of Controls
  • IPLocks Solution: Automated security accreditation and data monitoring eliminates human error and interpretation. Incorporate work order tracking into key and general controls.

  • Easy Deployment Across the Enterprise
  • IPLocks Solution: IPLocks can auto-discover all the databases in your environment. In addition, with our templates, it is easy to rollout a common set of user controls against a large number of databases.

  • Separation of Duties is Key
  • IPLocks Solution: Establish SOX compliant roles and privileges, then use IPLocks monitoring and auditing to alert on changes to those assignments and build reports for verification.

The IPLocks solution enforces database security controls by ensuring database best practices are enforced.

The stringent regulatory and compliance requirements are familiar to some industries such as financial services, but for most organizations, they are not. Meeting mandated requirements will require enhancements to IT systems and process as well as design. It is important to adopt a proactive approach and begin early, as the cost of noncompliance can be devastating to an organization.

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