IPLocks Database Security and Compliance Solution

The security of databases is fundamental to an organization. IPLocks delivers an automated database and security and compliance solution to protect business critical information for enterprise computing environments. Our strategy is to focus on database information security and management by providing a comprehensive monitoring, and auditing solution that addresses database security issues.

The IPLocks Database Security and Compliance Solution utilizes processes and technology to reduce inherent risk to business critical data that can be misappropriated. IPLocks safeguards sensitive data while creating a unique information risk management solution for enterprise customers.

The technology components that form the two pillars of the IPLocks Solution include standard enterprise-class product IPLocks Database Security & Compliance providing:

  • Monitoring
  • Auditing and Analysis

The IPLocks Solution proactively monitors data users, sessions and objects, and allows forensic auditing of logs.

The information risk management process, as shown below, is a continuous feedback loop of Plan and Assess, Design, Implement and Review. During the planning and design phase, an enterprise identifies its security risks by assessing the business requirements and pertinent information that need to be secured. For example, routine marketing data generally does not require the same level of security that sensitive customer information requires. Once an enterprise identifies its hierarchy of requirements, it can then create the policies and procedures in its system to adequately safeguard this information. Regular feedback and periodic review of these policies refines and improves the process and security measures already in place.

Database Security: Protecting Valuable Assets
When computers are networked to other information repositories outside the enterprise, vast amounts of business intelligence become available. These information repositories represent considerable value and are an attractive target for employees and non-employees who wish to profit at the expense of others.

The IPLocks Database Security and Compliance Solution, as shown below, is an external, comprehensive, non-invasive software solution that offers a three pillar approach to securing enterprise information:

  • Monitoring examines and alerts on changes in user behavior, permissions, content, and metadata
  • Auditing and forensic analysis provides a transactional view of changes aiding in regulatory compliance

IPLocks archives all generated alerts into an internal database and sends an alert notification to assigned security personnel via email or SNMP traps.

The IPLocks Database Security and Compliance Solution resides on its own Windows or Linux server separate from your enterprise database servers. The IPLocks Solution uses an internal database and is capable of monitoring both local and remote databases within the enterprise.

Managed via an intuitive web-based management console, large enterprise database environments can also be managed using our Command Line Interface (CLI). By supplying IPLocks with the IP address range and port numbers, all active databases, known and unknown, within the enterprise, including those at remote sites, can be discovered.

The IPLocks Solution provides a true heterogeneous enterprise solution that operates across all major database platforms, including IBM DB2 UDB, MS SQL Server, Oracle. The IPLocks Solution proactively and effectively manages database information security issues for enterprises of all sizes.