IPLocks - Effective Internal Controls Over Financial Data
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Why IPLocks
SOX Compliance: Automate key controls around financial data to reduce deficiences, save time, and reduce costs
IT Internal Controls: Good IT controls are key to
the reliability of financial reporting and operational
Database Security: Protect against internal and external threats by eliminating vulnerabilities and monitoring and auditing database activity
Your Data Is at Risk

Estimates Put T.J. Maxx Security Fiasco
At $4.5 Billion
SOX Compliance Made Easier with Pre-configured
Audit Reports
Tips For Better Security & Compliance
IPLocks Secures the Heart and Soul of the
Data Center
IPLocks Award
RedHerring Top 100 Winner

RedHerring Top 100!
The accolades keep coming. Our recent InfoSecurity award hasn't been on the wall long enough to collect dust when RedHerring calls with great news -- IPLocks wins again.